Top 250 Most Popular Videos Not Available in Germany

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The GEMA wants a share of the advertising revenue and money for every view of music videos on YouTube. Google on the other hand is using automated scripts to block music videos from being made available in Germany stating that it is not feasible for the company to check every uploaded music video on YouTube… Read more »

How to watch blocked YouTube videos in Germany

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A lot of YouTube videos can’t be seen in other countries. Almost 19% of the world’s top 1000 videos are blocked in one or more countries outside Germany. In Germany, however over 60% of the 1000 most popular videos are not available, because YouTube assumes that the music rights are “maybe” owned by the music… Read more »

NL servers software update on 23rd of Jan

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We plan to update our software running on NL servers and unfortunately it will cause short service interruption. Update is planned on 23rd of Jan at 23:00+4UTC Only NL servers will be affected, please use US servers during this time. We apologize for inconvenience and thank you for understanding.

How to get lifetime free VPN?

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Searching for lifetime free VPN? Unlimited traffic, access from mobile and desktop. It is very simple to get. Drop us an email at We are looking for bloggers or influential social persons with Facebook and Twitter accounts to provide them secure lifetime VPN access for free.

NL servers maintenance on 13 Jan 2013

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There will be NL servers upgrade on 13 of Jan 2013 12:30-13:30 +3 UTC. We plan to increase capacity for matching new member’s demand. Unfortunately it requires to shutdown servers for some time. Looking forward for your understanding.

Watch Hulu outside of US

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Hulu provides hundreds of TV shows, TV series, movies and clips, but it is only available in US and Japan. So what can you do to watch Hulu outside of US? Easiest way to watch Hulu is to use VPN. Choose and connect to VPN server located in US, then try to open website.