Botnet with 420000 nodes in one night

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How many devices in the Internet with default password: admin/admin or root/root? Anonymous researcher found 420000 devices during one night scan. Let’s look at the map. It seems that Europe, East coast of US and especially few big cities on south of China is a haven for dummy botnet masters. Africa is bold black. Surprisingly… Read more »

TOM-Skype spies users for particular keywords

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Microsoft provides access to Skype service in China through special TOM-Skype client. It is modified version of the Skype application which complies with local regulations. As it happens this version receives a list of keywords and triggers a spy mode when any of them encountered.

Running a good VPN service

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What does it mean to run VPN service? Today we share a little bit of internals. Any web service requires maintenance and especially VPN. In order to provide reliable connection and 99% of uptime architecture of the service should be failure safe. It means that changes of the network configuration or the website should not… Read more »

School of Privacy

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Our members should be definitely interested in School of Privacy blog. There is quite a bit of useful information. Guys crawl the Internet for great articles, great software and great online services that main goal is to secure and protect the people who decide to log on to the Internet day in and day out…. Read more »

All invitations are gone!

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Great news, all public invitations a gone during one week. Let’s get party started! If you missed a chance to get public invitation, drop an email to