Russian “SOPA” has come

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Today, is the last day of free Internet in Russia. First of August is the day when Russian “SOPA” (anti-piracy) law comes to power. According to new regulations access to any website can be entirely blocked by ISP prior court listening. Copyright holder is only required to file a complaint and a website owner is… Read more »

VPN Routers from Sabai Technology

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How many times you thought to share VPN connection among all home devices? Now it becomes very easy. Sabai Technology offers a full range of VPN routers to fit the needs of any home or small business. When paired with your account, Sabai VPN routers allow users to extend their service to all the… Read more »

L2TP/IPSec Beta Testing starts

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As it was promised before, that we start open beta testing of L2TP/IPSec protocol. Here will be described how to setup new L2TP connection under Windows 7 manually using your existing Seed4.Me account. During beta testing period L2TP/IPSec is available only on NL servers and no Automatic Setup possible. OK, now let’s start. Step 1…. Read more »

Doors are open!

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We ask new members to join our Private VPN club today. Pick up an invitation and receive 7 days VPN access for free. Servers are available in US, Europe and Asia to cover all possible needs. Members who would like to pay for 3 months and longer get extra benefits, 2 simultaneous connections, ability to… Read more »

What do you want adult sites to know about you?

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Have you ever thought which information do you share while browsing porn websites? Sounds like a not big deal, but let’s count together. First, you share your IP address, which could be used to determine the location up to the district in the city, you immediately disclose which Internet provider you use as well. Second,… Read more »

Launching L2TP/IPSec Support

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Today, we’d like to share good news regarding our plans to launch L2TP/IPSec support. Some of our existing members asked about diversity and we thought it’s right thing to do. PPTP protocol has recommended itself quite well as working horse, but it lacks robustness and security. Depending on connection quality PPTP protocol can bring sudden… Read more »

Join us today!

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Today you have another chance to join Seed4.Me ‐ private VPN club. Number of invitations is limited, but each has 7 days of free VPN access. Private VPN club accepts new members only by invitations and public invitations are issued once in while. Now you can grab it and try the service for free. We… Read more »