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Sure, iPad and iPhone supports 3 different types of VPN:

  2. L2TP over IPSec VPN + pre-shared key or RSA
  3. Cisco IPSec VPN

Here are a bit more details:


PPTP is the most popular one and supported by most of VPN providers.

L2TP/IPSec has in general better encryption, but since most VPN providers uses common pre-shared for all users it becomes incredible weak comparing to PPTP with 128-bit MMTE encryption.

Cisco/IPSec is a specialy tailored IPSec VPN setup, supported only by branded Cisco networking hardware.

Find step by step instruction of PPTP VPN for iPhone here: VPN iPhone Seed4.Me or setup by step instruction of PPTP VPN for iPad here: VPN iPad Seed4.Me

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