How to get lifetime free VPN?

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Searching for lifetime free VPN? Unlimited traffic, access from mobile and desktop. It is very simple to get. Drop us an email at We are looking for bloggers or influential social persons with Facebook and Twitter accounts to provide them secure lifetime VPN access for free.

NL servers maintenance on 13 Jan 2013

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There will be NL servers upgrade on 13 of Jan 2013 12:30-13:30 +3 UTC. We plan to increase capacity for matching new member’s demand. Unfortunately it requires to shutdown servers for some time. Looking forward for your understanding.

How Great Firewall(GFW) business works?

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Recently there were quite many misconceptions about the GFW upgrade; new methods of tracing VPN connections and problems with connectivity for people using major VPN providers. Let’s try to understand what’s exactly happening, what kind of changes were actually introduced in the GFW’s algorithms and what we can expect in the future. – First and… Read more »

Problems with accessing PPTP VPN servers from China

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Dear users from China, we’d like to confirm that our service outage was related to Great Firewall of China (GFW) update. Now we can see many ‘Lost-Carrier’ messages, introduced by GFW interference. Our engineers are working hard to solve that problem, please wait for updates or contact to find a solution.

All public invitations are taken!

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Well, it did not take too long to finish all public invitations. We are happy and sad at the same time. We are happy that now we have a small community to fill up existing servers and sad since we can not offer new public invitations till the New Year. Party is started, no more… Read more »

iPhone & iPad automatic connection setup

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It was never so easy to setup Seed4.Me VPN connection on your iPhone or iPad before. Open Login page with your device, enter user name and password. Find Automatic Setup button on My VPN Access page and press it. That’s it! System will ask to accept new profile and enter credentials for each VPN connection separately…. Read more »

Welcome to VPN club

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Today we have published 50 invitations to our VPN club. Find them on Invitations page. Use Take button and fill in registration form to get free VPN access for one week. Enter correctly your email address: confirmation code will be sent to your e-mail, don’t forget to confirm your email before using Seed4.Me VPN servers…. Read more »