Will the desire for Internet privacy gradually decrease?

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With the technology development more and more information becomes available. 10 years ago we could not imagine to discover our colleague’s wedding pictures easily. We did not know who’s invited to our friend kid’s party. But not today. Now, everybody became overexposed in the Internet and privacy started to play a key role in the… Read more »

How many types of VPN are there?

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That’s a bit of a tricky question, since VPN protocols can have different settings and can encapsulate each other. But let’s try to count them one by one. 1) PPTP most popular and widely supported protocol, has 128-bit encryption and quite fast comparing to other protocols. But not so well protected, since encryption key of… Read more »

Why China banned Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

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Imagine the situation, you are watching a TV and somebody calls you a bastard from the screen. You can shout at the screen and try to prove opposite, but it does not work. You can come to your next door neighbor who’ve seen that already and explain that TV is wrong! But it is not… Read more »

Censorship Market

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To understand the Chinese censorship system, Gary King, a professor of political science at Harvard University was tricky to intrude inside. According to the Technology Review website, this professor and two colleagues created a fake Chinese social networking site in order to understand how censorship really operates in this country. We thus discover that the… Read more »

Is VPN legal or not?

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VPN usage is absolutely legal, since it is just a technology to connect different IP networks. It enables encryption and secure transport of the data. Also it is widely used by companies to merge their office branches into a single network. Consider VPN as a kitchen knife. Use it, sell it and buy kitchen knifes… Read more »

Why do I need VPN router?

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Many people asked us how to use Xbox or PlayStation together with our service. None of consoles supports VPN, but having it connected is very beneficial. For instance you can purchase games and videos from US with US prices. Video streaming services like Netflix and Hulu also become available. There are some other advantages as… Read more »

VPN router from Sabai

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Recently our service has been tested for compatibility with Sabai Technology products and we joined affiliate program. Now you have an option to try new VPN router from Sabai with our service for the whole week absolutely for free. Do not forget to specify Seed4.Me as your VPN provider while doing a purchase to receive… Read more »

Biggest cyber attacks in 2012

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Here is some information regarding biggest cyber attacks in 2012. As you see, millions of users became victims of identity theft. We recommend to keep your privacy safe and use VPN while browsing the Internet. Contact support or existing member to receive invitation and 7 days access to our VPN service for free.  

How to setup L2TP VPN for MacOS

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Since, L2TP testing is still ongoing, then we’d like show you how to setup L2TP VPN connection for MacOS manually. Setup 1. First, open System Preferences and find Network settings there. Open it.

How much your personal data worth?

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In a cyber criminal world your personal data has a value. Usually it is massively collected from computers by malware, trojan horses or viruses. Most popular place to find personal data is obviously your browser. When data is stolen, it is processed, sorted and prepared to be sold. Usual package contains information about people from… Read more »