Russian “SOPA” has come

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Today, is the last day of free Internet in Russia. First of August is the day when Russian “SOPA” (anti-piracy) law comes to power. According to new regulations access to any website can be entirely blocked by ISP prior court listening. Copyright holder is only required to file a complaint and a website owner is… Read more »

What do you want adult sites to know about you?

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Have you ever thought which information do you share while browsing porn websites? Sounds like a not big deal, but let’s count together. First, you share your IP address, which could be used to determine the location up to the district in the city, you immediately disclose which Internet provider you use as well. Second,… Read more »

GEMA demands YouTube to pay 1.6 million euros

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GEMA protects copyright holder’s rights in Germany. It is known for requesting to block access to millions of YouTube videos in the country. Argue about licensing issues is still in progress and it seems to come to the dead end in the middle of this year. Since GEMA requested YouTube to pay 1.6 million euros… Read more »

Does Seed4.Me work in China?

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Many people ask does Seed4.Me service available in China. In general, the answer is “Yes”. We are available everywhere where provider does not block PPTP VPN. Some of Internet providers can block access to PPTP VPN in order to prevent users from hiding transmitted data. Usually it happens in hotels, restaurants, airports or other places… Read more »

Bitcoin goes viral in China

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Not so many noticed that Bitcoin found huge appreciation in China. it got really viral there. Bitcoin is now more popular in China then in US. So how do we know? Well that’s easy. Let’s compare official download numbers from Sourceforge for QtBitcoin client.

How to watch Netflix in Germany?

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What if you travel abroad and still do not want to miss your favorite TV series and movies on Netflix. It is known that Netflix is only available in USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, South America, UK, Ireland and some Nordic countries except Iceland. But what if you are traveling somewhere else, for instance to Germany?… Read more »

Liberty Reserve shutdown

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According to latest news Liberty Reserve payment system shutdown has happened on Friday 24th of May. The owner was arrested as part of a money laundering investigation performed jointly by police agencies in the United States and Costa Rica. It is claimed that Liberty Reserve was financed by money from child pornography and drug trafficking…. Read more »

Enemies of the Internet

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Here is a nice infographic about countries where Internet access is controlled by government. Most of the places are located in Middle-East and Asia, but some in East-Europe as well.

Is Demonoid Back Again?

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Recently some Demonoid ex-members received an email which claims that Demonoid is going to be back. Is it true or not? Honestly, this message looks like a scam. But you have all freedom to check. New Demonoid domain name supposed to be Now it points to Usually administrator does that to protect server… Read more »