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In a cyber criminal world your personal data has a value. Usually it is massively collected from computers by malware, trojan horses or viruses. Most popular place to find personal data is obviously your browser.

When data is stolen, it is processed, sorted and prepared to be sold. Usual package contains information about people from particular country, people with similar interests or users of existing Internet shop or service.

Buyer will try to use this information to send SPAM or hijack victim’s account and send SPAM from there or even steal the money if we are talking about payment system.

Personal Data Market

The scale at which such crime happens is really impressing, there are 1.5 million victims every day and some of the victims could be even harmed financially.

Personal Data Theft Victim

We emphasize the importance of keeping your private information safe and help our VPN club members to do so. By using the VPN you can be sure that password and login is not stolen while you are connected to public Wi-Fi or get access to the Interent from untrusted location.

Contact support or existing member to receive invitation and 7 days access to VPN for free.


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