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Since, L2TP testing is still ongoing, then we’d like show you how to setup L2TP VPN connection for MacOS manually.

Setup 1.

First, open System Preferences and find Network settings there. Open it.

MacOS L2TP Setup Step 1

Step 2.

Create a new service by using a small + button from the left bottom corner.
MacOS L2TP Setup Step 2

Step 3.

Choose Interface as VPN, VPN type as L2TP over IPSec and service name could be anything, in our case it is VPN (L2TP).
MacOS L2TP Setup Step 3

Step 4.

Now you have to specify server and account name. Choose our NL server and put as Server Address. Account name should be your Seed4.Me account name (email).
MacOS L2TP Setup Step 4
Press Create button and return to Network page.

Step 4.

Next step is to change Authentication Settings… Press the button and enter your password in Password field. Select Shared Secret as Machine Authentication and enter seed4me there.
MacOS L2TP Setup Step 5
Accept changes and come back.

Step 5.

Now you have to enable routing for all Internet traffic through the VPN connection. Press button Advanced… and choose “Send all traffic over VPN connection“.
MacOS L2TP Setup Step 6
Then OK and Apply settings.

Step 6.

Put check mark in front of “Show VPN status in menu bar” and press Connect to test VPN settings.

MacOS L2TP Setup Step 7

Now you are Done!

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