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If you’ve just upgraded to iOS 8 and noticed Seed4.Me VPN is asking for the password every time you open any application, here is a solution.

Re-install VPN settings profile!

iOS 8 Password

Step 1.

Open Settings

iOS 8

Step 2.

Find General

iOS 8 Settings


Step 3.

Select Profiles

iOS 8 Profile


Step 4.

Select SEED4.ME



Step 5.

And press Delete

iOS8 SEED4.ME delete

Step 6.

Confirm deletion of the profile.

iOS Delete profile


IMPORTANT: Device reboot may be required.


You will have to re-install VPN Settings Profile again from the VPN Seed4.Me, Free Unblock & Protect App to connect to VPN.

If you still experience other problems contact

8 Responses to “iOS 8 is asking for VPN password?”

  1. Britt Jones

    Hi there !
    Thank you, I really appreciate, it works … but you miss one step in your tutorial, sorry.
    Before deleting, iPhone asks for a password, of course its password, but is it that obvious ?
    More ? Maybe a step to explain how to re-install nu profile on clicking first on a country and not try to find “settings” tab. LOL
    Best regards from … Russia, Hong Kong, US, GB :-))

  2. Ibrahim

    Pls I need help. I have seed4me installed on my iPhone but whenever I try connecting, it says Certificate is expired. my subscription is valid till 15 June 2015. Pls how do I go about it?, thanks