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Recently we installed new servers in US, so now there are 2 locations available: Florida and North Carolina.

North Carolina Servers

No special actions required from the user, since the location is selected automatically when you choose US VPN. Next time while using it, try to check the IP address to see where are you exactly located.

Please let us know if there are any problems spotted. Or if you have questions, drop an email to support.

2 Responses to “New servers in North Carolina”

  1. Craig

    Is it possible to chose what server to connect to ??? Also what server is the new one ??? NC or FL ??

  2. seed4me

    Yes, you can choose us1 us2 … us5, but currently FL servers are under maintenance, so we suggest to use always ‘us’, it will forward you to the right one. NC are newer.
    If you have any question drop and email to support. They are always happy to help.