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The scandal with the NSA and other companies made people suspicious and careful about their privacy. So we are often asked: “Do you keep logs?” and the answer is “Yes, we do”. The same as the rest VPN providers in the world!

If anybody says VPN company does not keep ANY logs, they lie.

Chopped Logs

Now we explain why.

Usually, a VPN provider has dozens of servers all around the world and in order to maintain them and have high-quality service, it has to record logs.

When users complain about a failure to connect, support team should know what’s happening to resolve an issue. So all VPN providers have to record logs.

Still, important questions are which information is saved, where is it stored and for how long? So you should know, that Seed4.Me is the most secure VPN provider.

First, there are no logs or any user traces on our servers. We developed own system to aggregate activity from all VPN nodes and keep it separately on another encrypted server. So all VPN nodes are clean for cases when servers are confiscated.

Second, we record only login information in order to detect connectivity issues.

And third, information is kept only for 7 days and then removed. Therefore, if you have any connectivity issues, please, contact us immediately, otherwise, we won’t be able to help.

We as VPN provider have to deal with user’s private information and we do it with all seriousness. Seed4.Me club members can be assured, no information is shared or kept for longer than 7 days.

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