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Today we decided again to welcome limited number of people to our Seed4.Me private VPN club. According to our rules each person receives access to VPN for 7 days to test and try the service.


All servers are available with no restrictions, grab the invitation code, register and setup the connection. We support Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android devices. You are welcome.

One Week Free VPN


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We wish Happy New Year to all our members. Thanks joining our VPN club and for your support. We promise to move forward and improve the service next year.

Happy New Year 2014

Protect your privacy, clear cookies and use VPN.

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The site you tried to access was detected to contain content that falls into the category Adult Content, which the HomeSafe settings for your home won’t allow.

HomeSafe TalkTalk

This message was seen by many users who choose TalkTalk Internet service provider. But we know to unblock it.

Grab the invitation, register and get free access to VPN servers for 7 days. Use VPN to travel virtually abroad the UK and therefore remove any restrictions. Be the first to come, offer is limited.

One Week Free VPN


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VPN services stands to protect your anonymity. There are several ways we do that in Seed4.Me.


First, we change your IP address and geographical location to make sure your identity can not be traced. All your data is transfered encrypted to our servers and our servers do your requests on our behalf.

Second, we mix traffic from all users together, do not analyze it and do not log any personal information, so there is no way to distinguish one user from another.

Third, we accept Bitcoin as payment. Again, it means we do not have to deal with your personal information. All you need is to have valid email to register.

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You do think your privacy is important, right? Have you tried to use VPN before? Wanted to try but felt not comfortable to sign up for whole year contract? We make an exclusive offer now for all newcomers: 7 days VPN access for free if you register now. Number of invitations is limited.


We are not afraid to give a test drive before asking to pay. VPN servers in US, UK, Netherlands and Hong-Kong are at your service. Use flexible rates to extend access later.

  • 1 day = $1
  • 1 week = $2
  • 1 month = $5
  • 3 month = $10
  • or any longer…

You are welcome, grab the code and join.

One Week Free VPN



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Since Black Friday is coming, maybe it’s a time to get modern VPN router with big discount and free shipping withing US or $25 deduction for the shipping to the rest of the world.

Our VPN hardware partner FlashRouters offers proven routers hardware flashed with the best in class DD-WRT & Tomato firmware. It is easy to setup, it is secure and, most important, it supports VPN out of the box.

Think about what defines your Internet experience? Fast speed, reliable connection, easy setup and security. Considering latest news about backdoors in D-Link routers, security part becomes more and more relevant.

Unfortunately big brands do not care about long term support and firmware updates. Finally we end up having vulnerable network in our homes.

Get a new router


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With the technology development more and more information becomes available. 10 years ago we could not imagine to discover our colleague’s wedding pictures easily. We did not know who’s invited to our friend kid’s party. But not today.

Now, everybody became overexposed in the Internet and privacy started to play a key role in the life. If you do not believe, search your name in Google.


Privacy is not about hiding something you do not want anybody to know. It is about not giving the power to others to know more then you comfortable to share. If you think it is wrong, try publishing your passport copy, credit card number or email password. Doubt anybody would do that.

We believe Privacy will become more and more HOT topic in next decade. People and government should realize existing threats and adapt regulations to protect us.

Till now, use VPN, do not save Cookies in the browser and good luck 😉

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We offer our service for free, during first 7 days to all our new members. Just grab invitation code and register.

VPN Trial

Make sure you like the service and extend access. Select period to extend and pay for:

  • 1 day
  • 1 week
  • 1 month or longer…

Save money, when you do not use VPN, no need to pay for the whole year subscription.

Do not wait, number of public invitations is limited.

One Week Free VPN


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Today we have a great news for our club members. FlashRouters company certified our VPN service and agreed to bundle it together with their routers.

Now, if you order Seed4.Me Cisco Linksys E1200 DD-WRT VPN FlashRouter you also receive Seed4.Me invitation and 7 days VPN access for free.



Hardware VPN support inside the router allows you to connect all devices to VPN simultaneously, even if they do not support it. For instance you can enjoy Hulu and Netflix on the TV or get content to XBox360 and PS3 straight from US.

Test your brand new router without paying for VPN service, stay with us longer if you like it. Ask for free invitation code to create account and get access.


 Order VPN Router

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We are a Private VPN club. Our offering is simple ‐ try VPN 7 days for free. Pay for the membership and become VIP. Get access for issuing your own invitations and extendable access to VPN servers.

Private Club

There are 4 different locations including US, UK, Hong-Kong and Netherlands. We recently strengthen our data centers in Asia, so new memers are appreciated.

One Week Free VPN