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We plan to update our software running on NL servers and unfortunately it will cause short service interruption. Update is planned on 23rd of Jan at 23:00+4UTC
Software Update
Only NL servers will be affected, please use US servers during this time. We apologize for inconvenience and thank you for understanding.

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Searching for lifetime free VPN? Unlimited traffic, access from mobile and desktop. It is very simple to get.

Social Person

Drop us an email at We are looking for bloggers or influential social persons with Facebook and Twitter accounts to provide them secure lifetime VPN access for free.

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There will be NL servers upgrade on 13 of Jan 2013 12:30-13:30 +3 UTC.
We plan to increase capacity for matching new member’s demand. Unfortunately it requires to shutdown servers for some time.
Looking forward for your understanding.

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Hulu provides hundreds of TV shows, TV series, movies and clips, but it is only available in US and Japan. So what can you do to watch Hulu outside of US?


Easiest way to watch Hulu is to use VPN. Choose and connect to VPN server located in US, then try to open website.

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Recently there were quite many misconceptions about the GFW upgrade; new methods of tracing VPN connections and problems with connectivity for people using major VPN providers. Let’s try to understand what’s exactly happening, what kind of changes were actually introduced in the GFW’s algorithms and what we can expect in the future.

Great Firewall of China

First and most important thing to know is that the Chinese government cannot block all VPN connectivity, otherwise it would’ve already happened. Technically there is no problem in blocking PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN or any other protocol traffic. But this in itself is a stupid idea since it will impact businesses that require secure VPN connections to communicate between local and foreign branch offices. So blocking all VPN traffic is simply unfeasible and would mean losing considerable foreign investments; no company would want its communication intercepted. Secondly, VPN connectivity for household users is a very real business which cannot be shut down overnight. While the chinese government will definitely want to keep control over content accessed online, it also has an eye on the possible lucrativeness of VPN business.

To this end, the Chinese government has taken some measures; they’ve blocked all major VPNs, declare VPN providers illegal and update regulations to require special telecommunication license to keep them running. It has already been announced that VPN providers need to be registered within China with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to keep operating. They also require VPN businesses to record and log all traffic, preventing users from accessing illegal content and so on. So in general, it means that VPN providers would need to disclose private information and censor the Internet the same way as the GFW does which obviously diminishes value of VPN.

As far as we know, none of the big VPN players have applied for getting a license yet.

Some people are linking such harsh measures with recent change of communist party leadership, although this is certainly speculative. But for now it is a serious signal for all international businesses in China.


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Well, it did not take too long to finish all public invitations. We are happy and sad at the same time.

Do you have invitation?

We are happy that now we have a small community to fill up existing servers and sad since we can not offer new public invitations till the New Year.

Party is started, no more new faces, ask existing members or support to get invitation.

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It was never so easy to setup Seed4.Me VPN connection on your iPhone or iPad before. Open Login page with your device, enter user name and password.

Find Automatic Setup button on My VPN Access page and press it. That’s it! System will ask to accept new profile and enter credentials for each VPN connection separately. After procedure is complete try to establish connection and surf Internet safely.

All newcomers receives free VPN for one week. That’s perfect for testing service quality and finding new opportunities, like watching YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, getting rid of censorship or protecting your privacy in places with public Internet.

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Here at we’re very passionate about getting access to content for everyone, everywhere.
We find it very unfortunate that our friends in Iran cannot access household internet brands like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

Without delving into how pictures of kittens and internet gossip can somehow pose a threat to the Government of Iran, we’d like to remind you guys that our shop at is open 24/7 for Iranian netizens. Check our invitations page for codes for 1 week of free VPN access or ask us via e-mail at