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We’ve released our first version of the Seed4.Me VPN App for Android. Application is available in GooglePlay already.

Android GooglePlay

Try the App and let us know what you think! At the moment, we do not support existing Seed4.Me accounts, you will be able to use them in the next version.

Send a message to support if you have any questions or problems.


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We’ve completely forgot to mention, that recently new server has been installed in Germany.


No special actions required if you are using iOS App. For desktop user it is necessary to download Automatic Setup file again.

Please let us know if there are any problems spotted. Or if you have questions, drop an email to support.


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IMPORTANT: If you are located in China and have a problem with accessing our website or using iOS App, you need to read this.

China Blocked

Seed4.Me website and iOS App has been blocked in China two days ago.

At the moment you can access website through and we are making sure the App is functional again.

Please send email to for any help with updating your existing VPN connection setup.


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We are testing new server in France. It is a long waiting location for many users.


We are working hard to increase number of locations and servers all around the world.

Let us know if you face any problems or connectivity issues.


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New server in Ukraine is running in test mode, but you can try it already now.


Ukraine is close to Europe and Russia, has modern Internet infrastructure which makes it perfect for having VPN servers there.

Use automatic setup to configure connection. In case of problems or questions let us know.