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New users can join Private VPN Club and get 7 days free access.

Free Week

We have servers in US, UK, Hong-Kong, Netherlands and Russia. All of them support PPTP and L2TP VPN.

Grab invitation code, confirm email, enjoy 1 week VPN for free.

One Week Free VPN


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We’d like to notice that number of copyright infringements on our servers has increased dramatically. Please remember, we DO NOT ALLOW TORRENTS on US servers.

Not Allowed

It is impossible to operate when providers NULL-route your IPs, stop service contracts and fine for increasing number of DMCA complains.

In order to avoid further problems we had to disable P2P traffic on our US servers. Hope your understand, it would be better for everyone.

  • You can protect privacy and safely surf Internet with higher speeds,
  • We are not afraid of loosing servers and receiving DMCAs,
  • People who are interested to in using P2P, clearly know they have to choose other locations.

Let’s keep everybody happy that way.

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We recommend to use VPN while connected to public Wi-Fi networks. If you are staying in hotel or using Internet in the restaurant, remember to take necessary precautions.

Protected by Seed4.Me

All the date sent through the public networks could be inspected by Hotspot owner or even a hacker sitting next to you.

We suggest using VPN in order to encrypt the data and protect sensitive information. Also we offer free trial access to our wide VPN network with servers in US, UK, Netherlands, Hong-Kong and Russia.

Grab invitation code, register, confirm email and get 7 days of VPN access.

One Week Free VPN


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ISP most probably does not care about your P2P activity. But copyright holders or their representatives are.

Download Torrents

Usually, they join downloading session of protected material and spot all IP addresses who’s sharing the content. DHT protocol allows to discover IP address of seeders and leeches even without announcing them to the tracker.

Then copyright holder sends an email to your provider and ask to disclose information regarding your home address and/or notify you directly about penalties.

We advise our clients to use VPN servers OUTSIDE OF US to download torrents, this will help to stay legit and protect from DMCA complains.

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We offer one week of VPN access for free to all newcomers. Grab invitation code, register and confirm the email address to get access instantly.

Free VPN

Try our service to be sure it works. Following locations are available: US, UK, Hong-Kong, Netherlands and Russia.

Setup VPN connection automatically in less then a minute and get it working.

One Week Free VPN


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We are glad to announce a new VPN server in Russia. Login to your account and choose Automatic Setup to import connection settings.


Russia is one of developing country where Internet industry is growing with tremendous speed. Now you can enjoy the content from Russian TV channels even when you are abroad. See how Russian Internet looks like.

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You can protect Internet connection by using VPN. Today we offer free trial access for 7 days. By using VPN you can encrypt all transmitted data, get access to blocked websites and virtually travel between countries.

Network Security

In order to join you have to grab invitation code and register. We offer only limited number of invitation codes, so try your best to get one. 7 days of free access is included.

One Week Free VPN


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A few weeks ago the Internet was shocked by discovery of critical bug in OpenSSL library, which allows an attacker to retrieve private keys, user logins, passwords and other sensitive information right from the server.


We’ve made an internal audit and now can surely confirm that our VPN service is not affected. OpenSSL was not used to provide VPN services and the only place where OpenSSL was used is website. But since authorization is done by separate servers and web server software does not have direct access to user’s credentials, there was no threat to leak it.

You do not have to update password for Seed4.Me, but most probably you have to do that for other services. Most vulnerable are HTTPS web services with direct authorization and OpenVPN VPN providers.