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It is never late to protect your privacy. Try our VPN service for free today. We offer full access for 7 days to all VPN servers, no billing information required.

Privacy Please

Try to grab invitation code an register. Offer is as usual limited, do not think twice.

One Week Free VPN


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When you face a strange VPN connectivity problems, try to check the error message and if it is “Error 619: A Connection to the remote computer could not be established, so the port used for this connection was closed.” then you have a chance to resolve it.

Error 619

To resolve that issue:

1. Make sure your Router Supports PPTP Passthrough.

2. Make Sure TCP Port 1723 and 47 protocol (GRE) are Open.

3. Make sure you Allow Connection/Trusted Connection under Your Firewall Application. or Try to Disable Firewall and Re-connect.

If still you are unable to resolve the issue. It means PPTP is blocked by your ISP. So you will require to use L2TP.

If you require any assistance , please submit ticket from Client Area or email

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Since there is a new server available, we decided to issue some amount of new invite codes. This is your chance to join Seed4.Me VPN Private Club and try our service for free.

Cloud Computing

Grab the invitation, register and use one out of 4 locations to connect to VPN server: Hong-Kong, Netherlands, UK or USA.

We provide 7 days for free to all newcomers.

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A few days ago we’ve added one more server to our network in Hong-Kong. The demand from our users in Asia is clear and we appreciate it.

New server will provide extra bandwidth and fault tolerance to existing infrastructure.

Hongkong Speedway

This time we selected a different datacenter provider to balance the load, but you do not need to change any settings. New server will be picked up automatically, when Hong Kong location is used.

Please let us know if you notice anything wrong or have questions.

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Welcome to Seed4.Me Private VPN Club. We issue invitation codes for new members. Grab the code and get free access to VPN for 7 days.

Open Vault

Our VPN club has servers in US, UK, Netherlands and Hong-Kong. We support WIndows, MacOS, iOS, Linux and Android, no any 3rd party software is required for setup.

Seed4.Me VPN works out of the box.

One Week Free VPN


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Sure, iPad and iPhone supports 3 different types of VPN:

  2. L2TP over IPSec VPN + pre-shared key or RSA
  3. Cisco IPSec VPN

Here are a bit more details:


PPTP is the most popular one and supported by most of VPN providers.

L2TP/IPSec has in general better encryption, but since most VPN providers uses common pre-shared for all users it becomes incredible weak comparing to PPTP with 128-bit MMTE encryption.

Cisco/IPSec is a specialy tailored IPSec VPN setup, supported only by branded Cisco networking hardware.

Find step by step instruction of PPTP VPN for iPhone here: VPN iPhone Seed4.Me or setup by step instruction of PPTP VPN for iPad here: VPN iPad Seed4.Me

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The year 2013 was a crucial year for the online privacy debate. Edward Snowden came to exile in Russia but he did not give up the battle for personal privacy on the world wide web. As government agencies and central authorities continue to spy on citizens around the world, there’s no better time to look into protecting yourself and your browsing data.


One of the best ways to reclaim your privacy online is to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service. Below you’ll find 3 reasons why you would want to start using a VPN in the next 2014 year.

One Week Free VPN


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