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Dear users from China, we’d like to confirm that our service outage was related to Great Firewall of China (GFW) update. Now we can see many ‘Lost-Carrier’ messages, introduced by GFW interference. Our engineers are working hard to solve that problem, please wait for updates or contact to find a solution.

2 Responses to “Problems with accessing PPTP VPN servers from China”

  1. Tom Conlon

    I have not been able to use pptp since early November. All I can get is a 711 error – Remote Access Service cannot be started. We are one of the foreign business here that is re-evaluating if we can survive without being able to access marketing and sales tools that are now blocked. Open VPN is horrible. It’s looking very dim now as I do not know how I will be able to pay our workers without export sales.

  2. Adam

    Currently in China and service does not connect. Is there a problem?