How can I anonymously pay for Seed4.Me VPN and Proxy?

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What can be worse than sharing your bank details with bunch of online services? We have asked ourselves the same question. Please, do not give us your bank accounts or e-wallets information and simply use Bitcoins for anonymous and secure payments. We want to be clear! It is … the most anonymous the most secure… Read more »

Why should you pay for VPN with Bitcoins?

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VPN services stands to protect your anonymity. There are several ways we do that in Seed4.Me. First, we change your IP address and geographical location to make sure your identity can not be traced. All your data is transfered encrypted to our servers and our servers do your requests on our behalf. Second, we mix… Read more »

We accept Bitcoin

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Now we accept membership fees in Bitcoins. Bitcoin is a modern, easy and anonymous way to make payments in the Internet. If you want to stay completely hidden, use Bitcoins. It does not require bank account, credit card approval or anything else. Anybody in the world can use Bitcoins. In order to pay, you need… Read more »

Bitcoin goes viral in China

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Not so many noticed that Bitcoin found huge appreciation in China. it got really viral there. Bitcoin is now more popular in China then in US. So how do we know? Well that’s easy. Let’s compare official download numbers from Sourceforge for QtBitcoin client.

Liberty Reserve shutdown

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According to latest news Liberty Reserve payment system shutdown has happened on Friday 24th of May. The owner was arrested as part of a money laundering investigation performed jointly by police agencies in the United States and Costa Rica. It is claimed that Liberty Reserve was financed by money from child pornography and drug trafficking…. Read more »