How to Install VPN Apps from China’s App Store?

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Chinese government is continuing to increase censorship and control over Internet, and now it got support from Apple. A new regulation requires VPN providers to obtain a special government license and store all customers’ data within the mainland, in an aim of providing “clean and standardized” access to the Internet. Those who disobey, will be… Read more »

Get Korean IP – More VPN servers from Seed4.Me

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Now you can get a South Korean IP address! How? 1. Join Seed4.Me (our service works on iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, PC & Amazon Kindle devices) 2. Select South Korea and press Connect 3. Enjoy K-POP, Games and Food ^____^

We are blocked in China!

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IMPORTANT: If you are located in China and have a problem with accessing our website or using iOS App, you need to read this. Seed4.Me website and iOS App has been blocked in China two days ago. At the moment you can access website through and we are making sure the App is functional… Read more »

Why China banned Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

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Imagine the situation, you are watching a TV and somebody calls you a bastard from the screen. You can shout at the screen and try to prove opposite, but it does not work. You can come to your next door neighbor who’ve seen that already and explain that TV is wrong! But it is not… Read more »

Censorship Market

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To understand the Chinese censorship system, Gary King, a professor of political science at Harvard University was tricky to intrude inside. According to the Technology Review website, this professor and two colleagues created a fake Chinese social networking site in order to understand how censorship really operates in this country. We thus discover that the… Read more »

Does Seed4.Me work in China?

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Many people ask does Seed4.Me service available in China. In general, the answer is “Yes”. We are available everywhere where provider does not block PPTP VPN. Some of Internet providers can block access to PPTP VPN in order to prevent users from hiding transmitted data. Usually it happens in hotels, restaurants, airports or other places… Read more »

Bitcoin goes viral in China

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Not so many noticed that Bitcoin found huge appreciation in China. it got really viral there. Bitcoin is now more popular in China then in US. So how do we know? Well that’s easy. Let’s compare official download numbers from Sourceforge for QtBitcoin client.