Enemies of the Internet

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Here is a nice infographic about countries where Internet access is controlled by government. Most of the places are located in Middle-East and Asia, but some in East-Europe as well.

TOM-Skype spies users for particular keywords

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Microsoft provides access to Skype service in China through special TOM-Skype client. It is modified version of the Skype application which complies with local regulations. As it happens this version receives a list of keywords and triggers a spy mode when any of them encountered.

How Great Firewall(GFW) business works?

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Recently there were quite many misconceptions about the GFW upgrade; new methods of tracing VPN connections and problems with connectivity for people using major VPN providers. Let’s try to understand what’s exactly happening, what kind of changes were actually introduced in the GFW’s algorithms and what we can expect in the future. – First and… Read more »

Problems with accessing PPTP VPN servers from China

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Dear users from China, we’d like to confirm that our service outage was related to Great Firewall of China (GFW) update. Now we can see many ‘Lost-Carrier’ messages, introduced by GFW interference. Our engineers are working hard to solve that problem, please wait for updates or contact support@seed4.me to find a solution.