New VPN server in Germany

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We’ve completely forgot to mention, that recently new server has been installed in Germany. No special actions required if you are using iOS App. For desktop user it is necessary to download Automatic Setup file again. Please let us know if there are any problems spotted. Or if you have questions, drop an email to… Read more »

GEMA demands YouTube to pay 1.6 million euros

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GEMA protects copyright holder’s rights in Germany. It is known for requesting to block access to millions of YouTube videos in the country. Argue about licensing issues is still in progress and it seems to come to the dead end in the middle of this year. Since GEMA requested YouTube to pay 1.6 million euros… Read more »

Enemies of the Internet

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Here is a nice infographic about countries where Internet access is controlled by government. Most of the places are located in Middle-East and Asia, but some in East-Europe as well.

Top 250 Most Popular Videos Not Available in Germany

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The GEMA wants a share of the advertising revenue and money for every view of music videos on YouTube. Google on the other hand is using automated scripts to block music videos from being made available in Germany stating that it is not feasible for the company to check every uploaded music video on YouTube… Read more »

How to watch blocked YouTube videos in Germany

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A lot of YouTube videos can’t be seen in other countries. Almost 19% of the world’s top 1000 videos are blocked in one or more countries outside Germany. In Germany, however over 60% of the 1000 most popular videos are not available, because YouTube assumes that the music rights are “maybe” owned by the music… Read more »