Inviting new members

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Welcome to Seed4.Me Private VPN Club. We issue invitation codes for new members. Grab the code and get free access to VPN for 7 days. Our VPN club has servers in US, UK, Netherlands and Hong-Kong. We support WIndows, MacOS, iOS, Linux and Android, no any 3rd party software is required for setup. Seed4.Me VPN… Read more »

3 reasons to get VPN in 2014

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The year 2013 was a crucial year for the online privacy debate. Edward Snowden came to exile in Russia but he did not give up the battle for personal privacy on the world wide web. As government agencies and central authorities continue to spy on citizens around the world, there’s no better time to look… Read more »

Welcome to the club

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Today we decided again to welcome limited number of people to our Seed4.Me private VPN club. According to our rules each person receives access to VPN for 7 days to test and try the service. All servers are available with no restrictions, grab the invitation code, register and setup the connection. We support Windows, MacOS,… Read more »

Your HomeSafe settings stops you from accessing this site

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The site you tried to access was detected to contain content that falls into the category Adult Content, which the HomeSafe settings for your home won’t allow. This message was seen by many users who choose TalkTalk Internet service provider. But we know to unblock it. Grab the invitation, register and get free access to… Read more »

Free VPN access for all newcomers

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You do think your privacy is important, right? Have you tried to use VPN before? Wanted to try but felt not comfortable to sign up for whole year contract? We make an exclusive offer now for all newcomers: 7 days VPN access for free if you register now. Number of invitations is limited. We are… Read more »

Use VPN 7 days for free

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We offer our service for free, during first 7 days to all our new members. Just grab invitation code and register. Make sure you like the service and extend access. Select period to extend and pay for: 1 day 1 week 1 month or longer… Save money, when you do not use VPN, no need… Read more »

Join our private VPN club

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We are a Private VPN club. Our offering is simple ‐ try VPN 7 days for free. Pay for the membership and become VIP. Get access for issuing your own invitations and extendable access to VPN servers. There are 4 different locations including US, UK, Hong-Kong and Netherlands. We recently strengthen our data centers in… Read more »

Protect your privacy today

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Do not wait, join Seed4.Me Private VPN Club today and protect your privacy in the Internet. We offer limited number of invitations, each code includes 7 days of free VPN access. Using servers all around the world you can hide IP address and encrypt data. Don’t wait too long, offer has a limited time and… Read more »

One week VPN for free

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Today we issue another 50 invitations with 7 days free VPN access each. Press the button below to grab an invitation code and register. After account activation, you will have access to all VPN servers in US, UK, Netherlands and Hong-Kong.  

Why do I need VPN router?

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Many people asked us how to use Xbox or PlayStation together with our service. None of consoles supports VPN, but having it connected is very beneficial. For instance you can purchase games and videos from US with US prices. Video streaming services like Netflix and Hulu also become available. There are some other advantages as… Read more »