Telegram + Seed4.Me VPN

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For those who is using Telegram messenger and do not live in Europe In the latest update Telegram finally released an encrypted Voice calls! Unfortunately, the feature is only available in Western Europe at the moment 🙁 But we have a lifehack for you: 1. Update Telegram – 2. Download our mobile app – 3. Select Netherlands and… Read more »

How to fix a problem with VPN connection after iOS 9 update

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The IP address in Seed4Me VPN App keeps updating and through certain time the pop up shows up with message: The server is unreachable. Try reconnecting. If the problem continuous, verify your settings and contact your Administrator.   If you have the same problem, simply follow these steps to resolve it:

How to get iTunes refund using the web browser

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If you are not at your computer, or simply prefer to sidestep refund via iTunes, you can still request a refund using any web browser (e.g. Safari). Follow these next simple instructions 1. Go to Apple’s problem reports page: 2. Login with your Apple ID user name (typically your email address) and password.

How to get iTunes refund using your iPhone, iPad or iPod

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Apple hasn’t built any links to problem reporting into the iTunes Store or App Store. However, you can go directly to problem reporting via your email receipt. Follow these next simple instructions 1. Launch Mail from your Home screen. 2. Search for “Your receipt from Apple” if it’s not immediately visible.

How to get a refund using iTunes

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Follow these simple instructions below 1. Launch iTunes on either your Mac or Windows PC. 2. Click on your name at the top and in the dropdown and select Account Info.

iOS 8 is asking for VPN password?

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If you’ve just upgraded to iOS 8 and noticed Seed4.Me VPN is asking for the password every time you open any application, here is a solution. Re-install VPN settings profile!

Can you use a VPN on an iPhone or iPad?

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Sure, iPad and iPhone supports 3 different types of VPN: PPTP VPN L2TP over IPSec VPN + pre-shared key or RSA Cisco IPSec VPN Here are a bit more details: PPTP is the most popular one and supported by most of VPN providers. L2TP/IPSec has in general better encryption, but since most VPN providers uses… Read more »

iPhone & iPad automatic connection setup

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It was never so easy to setup Seed4.Me VPN connection on your iPhone or iPad before. Open Login page with your device, enter user name and password. Find Automatic Setup button on My VPN Access page and press it. That’s it! System will ask to accept new profile and enter credentials for each VPN connection separately…. Read more »