Bitcoin goes viral in China

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Not so many noticed that Bitcoin found huge appreciation in China. it got really viral there. Bitcoin is now more popular in China then in US. So how do we know? Well that’s easy. Let’s compare official download numbers from Sourceforge for QtBitcoin client.

Internet Defense League

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Recently we became a proud Internet Defense League member. What does it mean? It means that we share the same thoughts as the rest of IDL members. In particular, we believe in freedom of speech and the right to be anonymous in the Internet. Now days there are companies who’s goal is to privatize the… Read more »

Public Invitations are Out of Stock

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Yes, unfortunately there are no more public invitations for now. We are completely settled up. New VPN club members receive our congratulations. There is no plan to invite more people in upcoming feature, unless you catch a free invite from one of Seed4.Me Ambassadors or VIP members. Raise your voice in Twitter and Facebook. Following… Read more »

Upgrading VPN infrastructure in Netherlands

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New VPN server from Netherlands has been added to our infrastructure. It empowers existing setup and allows to share the load between different machines. No need to change configuration, VPN server becomes available immediately. Choose NL location when connecting to VPN and our load balancer will advertise proper VPN server for you. We encourage our… Read more »

Botnet with 420000 nodes in one night

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How many devices in the Internet with default password: admin/admin or root/root? Anonymous researcher found 420000 devices during one night scan. Let’s look at the map. It seems that Europe, East coast of US and especially few big cities on south of China is a haven for dummy botnet masters. Africa is bold black. Surprisingly… Read more »

All invitations are gone!

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Great news, all public invitations a gone during one week. Let’s get party started! If you missed a chance to get public invitation, drop an email to  

Try VPN for free during whole week

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Our private lounge is opened for VPN users again. Be one of 40 lucky newcomers, who will get whole week VPN for free. We are looking for limited amount of people, who wants to get a chance to enjoy secure VPN connection at a really cheap price. In order to ensure quality of service whole… Read more »

Internet security is important even for President

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US ex-president family pictures and other sensitive information has been exposed due to recent attack of a hacker called “Guccifer”. The Smoking Gun reports that George W.Bush’s personal information leaked from his several family members AOL email accounts. Photos, emails, phone numbers and other information was stolen and published. You can find more details from… Read more »

Public invitations are over

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We are happy to announce that all public invitations are handed out 😉 The party begins! Refer to the previously registered members, Like! us on Facebook or Follow us on Twitter to get an invitation.