Why do I need VPN router?

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Many people asked us how to use Xbox or PlayStation together with our service. None of consoles supports VPN, but having it connected is very beneficial. For instance you can purchase games and videos from US with US prices. Video streaming services like Netflix and Hulu also become available. There are some other advantages as… Read more »

VPN router from Sabai

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Recently our service has been tested for compatibility with Sabai Technology products and we joined affiliate program. Now you have an option to try new VPN router from Sabai with our service for the whole week absolutely for free. Do not forget to specify Seed4.Me as your VPN provider while doing a purchase to receive… Read more »

VPN Routers from Sabai Technology

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How many times you thought to share VPN connection among all home devices? Now it becomes very easy. Sabai Technology offers a full range of VPN routers to fit the needs of any home or small business. When paired with your Seed4.me account, Sabai VPN routers allow users to extend their service to all the… Read more »