Biggest cyber attacks in 2012

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Here is some information regarding biggest cyber attacks in 2012. As you see, millions of users became victims of identity theft. We recommend to keep your privacy safe and use VPN while browsing the Internet. Contact support or existing member to receive invitation and 7 days access to our VPN service for free.  

How much your personal data worth?

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In a cyber criminal world your personal data has a value. Usually it is massively collected from computers by malware, trojan horses or viruses. Most popular place to find personal data is obviously your browser. When data is stolen, it is processed, sorted and prepared to be sold. Usual package contains information about people from… Read more »

Botnet with 420000 nodes in one night

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How many devices in the Internet with default password: admin/admin or root/root? Anonymous researcher found 420000 devices during one night scan. Let’s look at the map. It seems that Europe, East coast of US and especially few big cities on south of China is a haven for dummy botnet masters. Africa is bold black. Surprisingly… Read more »

School of Privacy

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Our members should be definitely interested in School of Privacy blog. There is quite a bit of useful information. Guys crawl the Internet for great articles, great software and great online services that main goal is to secure and protect the people who decide to log on to the Internet day in and day out…. Read more »

Internet security is important even for President

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US ex-president family pictures and other sensitive information has been exposed due to recent attack of a hacker called “Guccifer”. The Smoking Gun reports that George W.Bush’s personal information leaked from his several family members AOL email accounts. Photos, emails, phone numbers and other information was stolen and published. You can find more details from… Read more »