Single Account for All devices!

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Now it is possible to use single account on all your devices including computer. Pay once – use everywhere. Download Apps for iOS, Android or use automatic configuration for Windows.  

How to get iTunes refund using your iPhone, iPad or iPod

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Apple hasn’t built any links to problem reporting into the iTunes Store or App Store. However, you can go directly to problem reporting via your email receipt. Follow these next simple instructions 1. Launch Mail from your Home screen. 2. Search for “Your receipt from Apple” if it’s not immediately visible.

We are blocked in China!

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IMPORTANT: If you are located in China and have a problem with accessing our website or using iOS App, you need to read this. Seed4.Me website and iOS App has been blocked in China two days ago. At the moment you can access website through and we are making sure the App is functional… Read more »

New VPN server in France

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We are testing new server in France. It is a long waiting location for many users. We are working hard to increase number of locations and servers all around the world. Let us know if you face any problems or connectivity issues.  

New VPN server in Ukraine

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New server in Ukraine is running in test mode, but you can try it already now. Ukraine is close to Europe and Russia, has modern Internet infrastructure which makes it perfect for having VPN servers there. Use automatic setup to configure connection. In case of problems or questions let us know.

New VPN server in Singapore

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If you are located in Asia, one more server location will be very helpful for you. Now we have VPN servers in Singapore. Try to setup automatic connection, Singapore automatically appears in the list. Drop an email to if there are any problems or questions.

iOS 8 is asking for VPN password?

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If you’ve just upgraded to iOS 8 and noticed Seed4.Me VPN is asking for the password every time you open any application, here is a solution. Re-install VPN settings profile!

We support L2TP, how to set it up?

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We fully support L2TP protocol on all of our VPN servers. You can set it up manually using instruction from here. L2TP is more secure version of VPN protocol then PPTP and it is more reliable in terms of disconnects. So if you are not afraid of spending a bit of time in setup, go… Read more »

Torrents are not allowed on US servers

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We’d like to notice that number of copyright infringements on our servers has increased dramatically. Please remember, we DO NOT ALLOW TORRENTS on US servers. It is impossible to operate when providers NULL-route your IPs, stop service contracts and fine for increasing number of DMCA complains. In order to avoid further problems we had to… Read more »