Ready for new members again

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That’s right, we start new season of open registration. Find public invitations and join our VPN club. Use VPN for 7 days for free to check quality of our service. Don’t miss your chance, number of invitations is limited.

Server migration has been completed

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We work hard to improve quality of our VPN service. Now we are glad to say that scheduled for 24 May 2013, 18:00-19:00+UTC maintenance period is over. During that time authentication server has migrated to another data center, software was upgraded on all servers. Our main goal is to improve network performance, make VPN connection… Read more »

New VPN server in Hong Kong

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We had VPN servers in America and Europe, but till recent time we had no servers in Asia. It was decided to support our customers in Asia by deploying new VPN server in Hong Kong. New server is still in testing mode, but you already can start using it from China and South Korea. In… Read more »

Upgrading VPN infrastructure in Netherlands

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New VPN server from Netherlands has been added to our infrastructure. It empowers existing setup and allows to share the load between different machines. No need to change configuration, VPN server becomes available immediately. Choose NL location when connecting to VPN and our load balancer will advertise proper VPN server for you. We encourage our… Read more »

Running a good VPN service

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What does it mean to run VPN service? Today we share a little bit of internals. Any web service requires maintenance and especially VPN. In order to provide reliable connection and 99% of uptime architecture of the service should be failure safe. It means that changes of the network configuration or the website should not… Read more »