How can I anonymously pay for Seed4.Me VPN and Proxy?

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What can be worse than sharing your bank details with bunch of online services? We have asked ourselves the same question. Please, do not give us your bank accounts or e-wallets information and simply use Bitcoins for anonymous and secure payments. We want to be clear! It is … the most anonymous the most secure… Read more »

Problem solved. How to Send all traffic over VPN on Windows

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Windows 10 is the latest Microsoft OS version with fresh new design and better performance. However people are complaining that there are several bugs in the system, which can affect your VPN connection. Actually you can encounter this bug on Windows XP, 7, Vista, Windows 8 and 8.1 as well. If you have set up… Read more »

Canada in the list of available locations

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Thank You for being patient! We have finally updated our global infrastructure and today we are adding a new location! Please, refresh My VPN access page and check the list of available locations in our Apps for iOS, Android and Amazon devices.

Seed4Me VPN on Amazon App Store

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We are finally on Amazon App Store! Be the first one who uses our simple one-touch application on your Kindle Fire. Access your Amazon account and all your purchases wherever you go. – You have access to 11 servers around the world and more are coming soon. – You do not need to root your… Read more »

How to fix a problem with VPN connection after iOS 9 update

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The IP address in Seed4Me VPN App keeps updating and through certain time the pop up shows up with message: The server is unreachable. Try reconnecting. If the problem continuous, verify your settings and contact your Administrator.   If you have the same problem, simply follow these steps to resolve it:

New VPN server in Italy

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We hear you! Due to many requests from our club members we are more then happy to introduce new Italian location, which you can find in the list of available countries on My VPN Access page and in our Apps for iOS and Android.

Single Account for All devices!

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Now it is possible to use single account on all your devices including computer. Pay once – use everywhere. Download Apps for iOS, Android or use automatic configuration for Windows.  

Seed4.Me VPN for Android

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We’ve released our first version of the Seed4.Me VPN App for Android. Application is available in GooglePlay already. Try the App and let us know what you think! At the moment, we do not support existing Seed4.Me accounts, you will be able to use them in the next version. Send a message to support if… Read more »

New VPN server in Germany

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We’ve completely forgot to mention, that recently new server has been installed in Germany. No special actions required if you are using iOS App. For desktop user it is necessary to download Automatic Setup file again. Please let us know if there are any problems spotted. Or if you have questions, drop an email to… Read more »

We are blocked in China!

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IMPORTANT: If you are located in China and have a problem with accessing our website or using iOS App, you need to read this. Seed4.Me website and iOS App has been blocked in China two days ago. At the moment you can access website through and we are making sure the App is functional… Read more »