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How many times you thought to share VPN connection among all home devices? Now it becomes very easy.

Sabai Technology offers a full range of VPN routers to fit the needs of any home or small business. When paired with your account, Sabai VPN routers allow users to extend their service to all the devices in your home. Secure your entire network with the addition of a Sabai VPN router.

Sabai Technology’’s most unique and popular advanced networking feature is GATEWAYS. This feature provides a list of all the devices on your network, and allows you to designate whether they should use your local IP address or your VPN IP address. All of this control from one single router connection can only come from Sabai.

We partner with Sabai Technology and it means that now you can have seamless experience while using VPN.

More over, if you buy Sabai Technology router, you immediately receive 7 days VPN for free to try. Drop us an email if you want to try our VPN service with VPN router from Sabai Technology.

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