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Now we accept membership fees in Bitcoins. Bitcoin is a modern, easy and anonymous way to make payments in the Internet. If you want to stay completely hidden, use Bitcoins.

It does not require bank account, credit card approval or anything else. Anybody in the world can use Bitcoins. In order to pay, you need to follow few simple steps:

1) First, purchase Bitcoins from your local provider and keep them in digital wallet.

2) Second, login to your Seed4.Me account, choose Make Payment and select Bitcoin.

3) You will be displayed an address to send money. Transfer required amount to update your Seed4.Me balance automatically. Usually, transaction takes less then a minute.

Remember, we generate new address for each payment, it means there is no way trace your activity. It is secure and easy.

We value our client’s privacy, pay with Bitcoins, stay hidden.

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