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Imagine the situation, you are watching a TV and somebody calls you a bastard from the screen.
You can shout at the screen and try to prove opposite, but it does not work. You can come to your next door neighbor who’ve seen that already and explain that TV is wrong! But it is not effective, you can not come to everybody and even if you can, you will end up proving you are not a camel all the time.

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So, here we have a typical example of asymmetric information flow. If inflow is higher, then your outflow – then it is impossible to prove you are right.

Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Google make huge information outflow with immediate effect on people. Remember Muslim riots after video published on YouTube? Most of attendees even did not have access to Internet, but riots happened like a spark.

The right answer, if you can not control the information outflow, then you should block it and create your own. This is why Youtube, Facebook and Twitter are blocked, but Weibo, RenRen and Youku succesfully exist in China.

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  1. Michael Jordan

    Very true and very nice if everyone living here in China are all Chinese! Otherwise this is just bullshit!