Know more about our private VPN club.

United States

What do we offer?

We offer high quality anonymous VPN access all around the world. Currently we have servers in US, UK, Netherlands, Hong Kong, Russia, Singapore, Ukraine, France, Spain, Germany, Italy and Canada. We are working hard to increase the number of locations. Our infrastructure is organized into high performance computing clusters. So user is automatically connected to the best available server in the country. Single credentials could be used to login into any server from our network. You can virtually travel between any supported locations with a speed of a mouse click. There are no throughput or download limits and all connections are securely encrypted.

How do we offer?

Seed4.Me is closed private club. In order to provide best in class performance it is very important to control number of users. Only invited person can join the club. Invitations are issued only when new servers merged to our infrastructure. This way we can guaranty that connection quality is always outstanding. Despite to other VPN providers we can afford very flexible rates. User do not purchase the time - user top up the balance and then can extend access for one day, one week, one month or for half a year. After you are invited, there is free trial period. So you can test the service before paying. We always give a try before charging. There is automatic setup available, no need to spend time to do it manually. In our private club, every recognized member has a right to invite new users. When invited user makes a payment, recognized member gets a compensation to his balance.

Why choose us?

When you need protected access to your gmail, facebook or twitter account from public places. Airports, coffee shops and other public Wi-Fi can be a hidden threat, there is no way to make sure that you are connected to right network or to make sure there is nobody else connected and spying all your traffic. Only way to get protected to user encrypted VPN connection. In some countries some content could be blocked due to political reasons. You do not want to be limited by that. In order to get full access to any blocked content, change the country of your virtual presence. Most of operating system and mobile platforms have native support for our VPN. It means you do not need any extra software to use it. Setup connection once and jump to country of your choice using your desktop, laptop or smart phone.