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We are happy to announce a new VPN locationTurkey.

More VPN servers, more online freedom!

We want you to enjoy a fast and secure Internet access wherever you are, so we continue adding new locations. As for now, Seed4.Me has 30 locations.

Welcome to Turkey! A country with an incredibly rich history, going all the way back to ancient times when Ottomans was one of the most prominent empires. Its abundant architecture, fascinating and welcoming culture, and traditions will leave you in awe. Nowadays such big Turkish cities as Istanbul, Izmir and Ankara are thriving in both international business and tourism. Therefore, offering great infrastructure which means great server providers.

Thus, our new VPN servers located in Istanbul have an excellent connection and download speed. Join us right now and get Turkish IP address!

Whether you are in Turkey or not, we ask you to protect your online identity by connecting to the Seed4.Me VPN.

Protect your privacy by directing your Internet traffic through an encrypted VPN tunnel and changing your IP address.

Enjoy secure streaming of your favorite shows without interruptions or buffering.

Get Turkish IP address and access online banking, digital libraries, TV channels and local websites.

Stay anonymous when sharing personal files over peer-to-peer (P2P) network in Turkey by connecting either to Switzerland or to Sweden.

Thank you for reading! We are at your service, if you need help or want a new location. Please, contact us at

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