New members for new server

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Since there is a new server available, we decided to issue some amount of new invite codes. This is your chance to join Seed4.Me VPN Private Club and try our service for free. Grab the invitation, register and use one out of 4 locations to connect to VPN server: Hong-Kong, Netherlands, UK or USA. We… Read more »

Ramp up new VPN server in Hong-Kong

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A few days ago we’ve added one more server to our network in Hong-Kong. The demand from our users in Asia is clear and we appreciate it. New server will provide extra bandwidth and fault tolerance to existing infrastructure. This time we selected a different datacenter provider to balance the load, but you do not… Read more »

Inviting new members

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Welcome to Seed4.Me Private VPN Club. We issue invitation codes for new members. Grab the code and get free access to VPN for 7 days. Our VPN club has servers in US, UK, Netherlands and Hong-Kong. We support WIndows, MacOS, iOS, Linux and Android, no any 3rd party software is required for setup. Seed4.Me VPN… Read more »

Can you use a VPN on an iPhone or iPad?

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Sure, iPad and iPhone supports 3 different types of VPN: PPTP VPN L2TP over IPSec VPN + pre-shared key or RSA Cisco IPSec VPN Here are a bit more details: PPTP is the most popular one and supported by most of VPN providers. L2TP/IPSec has in general better encryption, but since most VPN providers uses… Read more »