DNS server configuration – Windows

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If you’ve ever used the Internet, it’s a good bet that you’ve used the Domain Name System (DNS) even without realizing it. It’s like a phonebook of the Internet. DNS translates domain names you type in your search bar (e.g. google.com, youtube.com, facebook.com) to IP addresses so browsers can load Internet resources.

Telegram + Seed4.Me VPN

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For those who is using Telegram messenger and do not live in Europe In the latest update Telegram finally released an encrypted Voice calls! Unfortunately, the feature is only available in Western Europe at the moment 🙁 But we have a lifehack for you: 1. Update Telegram – https://telegram.org 2. Download our mobile app – https://seed4.me 3. Select Netherlands and… Read more »

Get Korean IP – More VPN servers from Seed4.Me

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Now you can get a South Korean IP address! How? 1. Join Seed4.Me (our service works on iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, PC & Amazon Kindle devices) 2. Select South Korea and press Connect 3. Enjoy K-POP, Games and Food ^____^

Incognito Window Doesn’t Protect Your Privacy

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You probably think the Private or Incognito window in Safari, Chrome, Firefox and other browsers is a protection tool, which hides your online activity and private data. Sorry, but we want to tell that you are wrong! These browsers, visited websites and, of course, Big Brother are all know what you are doing and who… Read more »

Why is CAPTCHA used for security?

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A CAPTCHA is something that is designed to tell a human and robot apart. It does it by posing a problem which is easy for human but difficult for computers. For example, extracting text from randomly distorted image. Takes (a few seconds for) a dumb human to solve, but very sophisticated AI engine for the… Read more »

New VPN Server in Russia

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We are glad to announce a new VPN server in Russia. Login to your account and choose Automatic Setup to import connection settings. Russia is one of developing country where Internet industry is growing with tremendous speed. Now you can enjoy the content from Russian TV channels even when you are abroad. See how Russian… Read more »

Black Friday – Good time for a new router

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Since Black Friday is coming, maybe it’s a time to get modern VPN router with big discount and free shipping withing US or $25 deduction for the shipping to the rest of the world. Our VPN hardware partner FlashRouters offers proven routers hardware flashed with the best in class DD-WRT & Tomato firmware. It is… Read more »

Will the desire for Internet privacy gradually decrease?

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With the technology development more and more information becomes available. 10 years ago we could not imagine to discover our colleague’s wedding pictures easily. We did not know who’s invited to our friend kid’s party. But not today. Now, everybody became overexposed in the Internet and privacy started to play a key role in the… Read more »

Censorship Market

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To understand the Chinese censorship system, Gary King, a professor of political science at Harvard University was tricky to intrude inside. According to the Technology Review website, this professor and two colleagues created a fake Chinese social networking site in order to understand how censorship really operates in this country. We thus discover that the… Read more »