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Many people asked us how to use Xbox or PlayStation together with our service. None of consoles supports VPN, but having it connected is very beneficial.

For instance you can purchase games and videos from US with US prices. Video streaming services like Netflix and Hulu also become available. There are some other advantages as well.

So how to make it work?

VPN for XBox and PlayStation

You need a Wi-Fi router with VPN client software integrated. Then it would be possible to enter Seed4.Me credentials directly to the router and get all devices connected.

For instance, Wi-Fi routers from Sabai Technology have already PPTP & OpenVPN clients as part of firmware. Especially we like Gateways Feature of Sabai‘s router, which helps to define policy for each device separately.

Now it is easy to specify whether you want the connection to go through the local provider or through the VPN.

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